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Professional & mature DJ/MC team 4 hours

Cocktail system/fifth hour
Medium Event Lighting package

Zap shot photographer
Free Intelligent lighting upgrade

Normally $1,500. Now only $750

If you need something different or a photo-booth, check our 

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What you get

*ALL INCLUSIVE: This means you'll never have to worry about something being hidden or unexpected.

​5 hours Music Time: This means that we are set up before the guests arrive, and we keep the party going from start to finish. 

​*Unlimited Planning Sessions: This means that we get to plan your reception, together, on your schedule with our 24/7 online wedding planner, and we are available Monday - Friday to answer any questions you have via email, phone, or in person.

*Professional, experienced and mature staff: Our DJs and MCs are really

experienced. We don't just say that. We back it up. We don't let beginners

go out in the field without training. Rest assured your staff will be properly

dressed, mature and experienced in delivering all your expectations.

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*Professional Sound System: Pro sound & lighting. We like quality gear and lots of it, that’s why all of our equipment is the best money can buy. High end sound systems that can shake walls loose, insane lighting shows that rival the clubs.

​*Dance Floor Light Show: Our dance floor light show will dazzle

your guests. A mix of high tech and gobo lighting.

*Two Glow towers with intelligent lighting

This simple lighting upgrade will take your dancing experience

to the next level.


*BONUS OFFER: Free zap shot photographer: Our team member works the crowd with an HD camera capturing many, fun candid moments of you and your guests. Makes for great photo gallery keepsakes.

​*100% Satisfaction Money-Back Guarantee: Yup. That's right, we'll put in writing. Choosing your entertainment is a big deal, you want to make sure that your event does not end up on youtube in a "worst DJ ever" video. We guarantee that not only will you have a great time, your guests will be raving about how much fun they had at your wedding. E-mail us to see a copy of our guarantee

Have questions? Need a different package? We have other options. Call us at 561-880-5416. Just let us know what you are thinking and don't forget our photo booths here!


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