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We offer lots of additional decor elements to add to your party space. Custom hand cut backdrops, or fabric murals really “wow” a room and make for great photo ops and impact pieces. Custom candle lighting displays will really make your family photos special and meaningful. Take a look at our additional serviced for more ideas!


Our custom themed backdrops are hand cut, painted and sparkled to illustrate the room’s theme. They can either be hung from a ceiling or stand on poles and are framed with chaser lights.

LED Walls

When you rent an LED screen for your next event, you receive more than an industry leading display – you receive unparalleled service. Each rental includes a dedicated technician to operate the screen. Let us handle the audio/video side while you focus on the rest of your event.

Gift Boxes

Our beautifully designed gift boxes are the perfect addition to any entryway. They give your guests a convenient and safe place to store your gifts so you can enjoy your special day stress-free!

Candle Lighting Displays

For a unique candle lighting experience, try one of our custom candle lighting displays. Our standard displays have a custom cutout name and theme standing on a base in front of a thoughtful arrangement of candles. Our water-filled vases are arranged around your cake with crystal chips, lights and floating candles to glow in a dimly lit party room.

Custom Logo Pillows

Custom logo pillows are a great addition to any Bar or Bat Mitzvah with lounge seating. It’s a fun way to decorate the space and adds color & design while keeping a club-like atmosphere.

Step & Repeat

We custom design step & repeat backdrops to go along with your red carpet setup using the guest of honor’s name, your party’s date and your themed logo. Guests love walking down the red carpet and posing in front of the step & repeat to get their picture taken.

Blowup Mounted Photos

Blowing up some photos of the guest of honor and putting them on easles in the entryway or hanging them in the party room adds decoration as well as a fun personalized touch. They are beautifully made and are a great keepsake after your event.

Cocktail Napkins

Cocktail napkins, luncheon napkins and guest towels are perfect additions to any event. They come in every color to match your theme and are custom printed with a name and date or your custom artwork.

Life-Size Cutouts

Life-size displays, featuring the guest of honor or a celebrity going along with your theme, make enjoyable additions to your party. The cutouts can be used as sign in boards, near a seating card table or at the entryway to a room.

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