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We offer wide range of entertainment services for corporate and private events, music festivals, and much more! We have unique LED glow props and costumes. Whatever you dream of, we can create! Some of our specialties include stilt walkers, acrobats, aerialists, fire dancers, fire breathers, choreographed dancers, go-go dancers, contortionists, cyr wheel, tramp wall, snake charmers, bubble ball, champagne dresses, aerial bartenders, magicians, caricature artists, fortune tellers, tarot, palm readers, mermaids, sword swollowers, and specialty entertainment that fits any theme of your event.

Inspired by Excellence & Innovation

With over 30 years of industry experience, Concierge Entertainment is a leading supplier of high quality corporate entertainment for luxury events and celebrations. 

We take pride in delivering "WOW Factor" entertainment that will take your guests breath away. With a selection of award winning performers, who have worked for the biggest brands and companies, our entertainers will captivate your guests from the moment arrive. 

If you are looking for the finest event entertainment , contact us today for an obligation free quote!

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A “living statue” wearing a suit made entirely of reflective mirrors, Mirror Man adds a unique element of surprise to any event. Available to perform both indoors and outside, Mirror Man roves throughout your event, interacting with guests to provide the ultimate photo opportunity. This epic costume is simply mesmerizing! Reflecting light and color from his surrounding environment, Mirror Man fits in perfectly at every party…because he is the party.


Strolling Champagne Dress


Let our strolling Champagne Dress or LED Drink Skirt performers serve guests a delicious glass of sparkling wine (or any beverage of your choice) as they arrive at your event, prior to a champagne toast, or as part of dessert service.

Strolling Table

A unique way to serve
(and surprise!) guests, each one of our Strolling Tables is designed to match your event theme and bring your party to life. Our professional performers offer the highest level of service while keeping people engaged and entertained. Also known as a “roving table” or “human table,” this act is a wonderful centerpiece for weddings, black tie galas, and corporate events.

LED Robot show

The LED robot will amaze guests with its impressive light display by interacting with the crowd. It is always a party favorite that will leave your guests with a glowing smile.

La Hora Loca

La Hora Loca — Spanish for “The Crazy Hour” — an hour-long show where performers wear flashy outfits, resembling those from Brazil’s carnival, and pass around glowing lights, party hats and masks to encourage guests to dance

Meet and greet performers

Welcome your guests with our fabulous meet and greet entertainment – our entertainers will warmly meet and greet your guests, giving a great first impression at your event.

Whatever your theme we have the perfect entertainment solution for you. Our designers team and choreographers are on hand to ensure your dream becomes our reality.

Our meet and greet entertainment can be performed outside as your guests arrive or in the reception of your venue or even as walkabout in your function room

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