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Perfect Party Pictures. So many options.
ON-SITE PRINTING DELIVER GLOSSY & BRANDED PRINTS IN SECONDS! We capture, print and share dozens of images every hour at your event

Have you ever had your photo taken at and event and then

never see it? Our professional photographers capture great

images and place the photos into your guests’ hands instantly! 

From brand activations, PR and social events, we capture,

print and share dozens of photos every hour at an event.  

High speed photo printers are
setup at your venue and are capable of producing
prints in under 15


Present your guests photographs in a number of options. You can choose to add branding and overlays to the print itself or deliver prints to guests in frames, bespoke photo wallets and more.

Roaming capture crew photographer



Our photographer will roam around your event shooting images of guests interacting, event details and highlights of the night.


Images are available for viewing instantly on our tablets for guests to review. All editing is done immediately upon having the picture taken.
Like magic.


Guests and event organizers can share their image by email or text on the spot. Email can be completely customized with hashtags, branding, links and text.
Gone are the days of waiting for your professional event photographs!

Do it yourself selfies & printing

With guests as photographers, using their own phone, fun moments can be printed in seconds for their keepsakes. Our team will set up printing stations. All guests have to do is send pics to the station and pick

up their pictures in minutes.


Green Screen Promotions


Make the moment last and elevate your corporate image using the magic of Green Screen, an eye-catching and unique marketing tool!

How It Works

1. We work with you to generate custom borders and graphics to fit the needs of your branded photo campaign prior to your event

2. Our team arrives at your venue as early as your event requires, ready to snap photos the moment it begins

3. Guests can receive and share their photos through our text-to-phone feature or email, and upload them directly to their social media applications. Guests can also receive a printed photo on site.

Ask us about out photo printing stations! We can bring them to any venue and add an extra layer of fun and excitement to your event!


Selfie Wi-Fi creates stunning slideshows from live event photos as they are captured by smartphones in real-time.


With guests as photographers, fun moments are broadcast onto a large-screen TV for everybody to see and print as their keepsakes.

So many to choose from. If you can think it, we can supply it. Choose from many pre-designed or let us build one with your custom logo and theme. 

We offer a range of backdrops and setups for your event if required. You can choose from one of our stock backgrounds or we can create something unique.

Check out some examples below from previous events.

Roaming-Photographer: Packages
Roaming-Photographer: Welcome
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