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LED Dance Floor

Our LED video dance floor rentals have been used in trade shows, corporate events, private parties and more. Our team of technicians makes the process of renting a video floor seamless. Our team of experienced technicians provide full video support to all our clients for all video floor rentals.

Our floors are used to hold crowds, cars, and are available for many other purposes! Whether it’s an indoor or outdoor event, a wedding, or a promotional party, we can provide what you need. It is our goal to make the rental process as stress free as possible, so your event can go off without a hitch. Speak with a representative today about an LED video dance floor rental for your next event!


Recommended sizes below

LED Dance floor 10x10' Sq Feet 100

Dancers 25 - Sections 9

LED Dance floor 10x13' Sq Feet 130

Dancers 30 - Sections 12

LED Dance floor 13x13' Sq Feet 169

Dancers 40-  Sections 16

LED  Dance Floor 13x16' Sq Feet 208

Dancers 50 - Sections 20

LED  Dance Floor 16x16' Sq Feet 256

Dancers 65 - Sections 25

LED  Dance Floor 16x20' Sq Feet 320

Dancers 80 - Sections 30

LED Dance Floor

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