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The Air Graffiti Wall is a highly portable station with an extreme WOW-factor and powerful software to upgrade any event. The next level of interactive photo booth activations is our GIANT 7ft. tall x 10ft. wide Air Graffiti Wall. First, we take your guests photo with our green screen. Next, they choose from a wide array of backgrounds and choose a custom message. For the grand finale, our Graffiti  professional artist (highly recommended) or guests can digitally “spray paint” with our sound-enhanced laser spray can on their larger-than-life-sized photo. 4×6 photos are printed for every guest and images text via our social media kiosk. Options for custom backgrounds, digital effects, and corporate branding available. MINIMUM SPACE REQUIRED:15’x15′ IS BEST.

To best understand how amazing this station is, watch the several videos below.

If you do not have enough space for our Virtual Digital Graffiti Wall we also offer a 50” graffiti touchscreen monitor

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