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Take your celebration to the next level. Hora Loca literally translates to “Crazy Hour.” This vibrant party power-hour comes to life with brightly costumed performers donning sequins, sparkles,
and smiles.

We'll create a custom "Wow Factor" that's totally you.
Robots - Stilt walkers - Samba Dancers - Drummers - Floor dancers - CO2 cannon blasts.

Wow Factor x 2. Add cold sparklers and dry ice fog entrance.

DJ Packages: Packages

Need more that just robots. We have a team of event performers and unique specialty acts. See more here
*Stilt-walkers - *Dancers - *Champagne Dress - *Jugglers
*Mirror Man - *Magicians - *Strolling table - *Hora Loca

*Fire Performers -

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