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Please read all the details. If you are looking to work asap, this may not be the project for you. I am just in the planning stage. If interested, please e-mail me your info. Picture, experience, what you play, where you are located etc.. Cheers! Submissions that do not include your info will not be read.

I'm Adrian. 

Music has been a part of my life as long as I can remember. I started playing drums when I was ten. My brother a guitarist being five years older helped me play in bands probably earlier than probably should be allowed. For years I played but started to DJ and went on to that full time for many years. Also becoming an extremely experienced MC. All along thinking about this project.

I am looking to put together the ultimate party band. That's right I said it. With years of experience in the entertainment world, I know what works and what doesn't. To be clear this is not intended to be just another safe cover band. I have very specific ideas and am looking for collaborators. Band: Guitar, drums, bass singers/MC at a minimum. Blended with this is an MC/Host with DJ tracks, sound effects and ability to lead crowd in all formalities but then all the fun and interactive aspects that come with entertaining

All members must bring to the table some unique quality and be willing to perform in all the fun, silliness and crowd interaction along with being pretty good at their instrument. No, I'm not re-creating the wheel. Just taking my own spin on it.  I have videos of another band doing something similar. Once you see, you will totally understand what I'm looking to do.


What else should you know?

This band, to be named later, will market itself as the Ultimate Party Band. We will incorporate some costumes and outrages outfits. CO2 cannons, dance platforms and props.  Coordinated dance moves and flawless segways.  Involving the audience as much as possible. Crowd interaction will be a top priority. Being able to play songs from all genres adding our fun and creative twist. If you just want to be quiet in the background while playing, this is not the project for you. I am looking for big personalities and incredible performers that are FUN and  want to please. Yet, no over inflated egos wanted. We will be a team and understand that what we are doing is FUN! Plus at the end of the day, it's about the audience we are performing for. No one member will be more important than the other. This project will take a bit of time to come to life and market. So be patient. Be prepared to rehearse and collaborate on how to take what we are doing to the next level. At the very least, if you are interested, let's have a conversation.

Lastly, even though it may sound like it. This project's goal will aim to never come off as pretentious, tacky or unprofessional. Everything we do will be thought out and tested. Some things will work, some won't. As a team we'll figure that out together. 

Team members will not be required to manage bookings, talk to clients or do any of the marketing. I will take care of all the management aspects. 

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