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We offer pre-printing or onsite customization

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What is a "Design Your Own" 
(DYO) Swag Station?


The Custom Live Printing Station is guaranteed to amaze guests at your next event.

If you were thinking about giving out swag, why not let your guests customize what they receive on it? With our Custom Live Printing Station, guests are able to personalize a brand approved design using our design software, vinyl cutter and heat transfer station.

Once done, we instantly print up the design and apply it to your promotional item. Within minutes your guest is walking away with their beautiful personalized swag, promoting your brand beyond your event.

We personalize every event.

How this really works. We need to have a conversation. There is so much customization and different options, it's best to start by telling us what you are thinking. We can then walk you through the process.

Satisfaction Guarantee

From start to finish, we guarantee an incredible and professional experience. Why? Because we treat your event as if it were

our very own. 

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