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Trivia-Bingo events do not have to be boring.

I'm Adrian. After years of being in the entertainment and event planning world, there was one thing I realized that was missing from most trivia and bingo promotions. FUN! I too have gone to many nights out with these promotions. Whereas it was an ok experience, I kept thinking, why so boring? So. If you are thinking about adding a Trivia, bingo or DJ promotion to your venue or event, we need to talk. I specialize in creating a personalized approach to every event I do. Plus my years of experience as a DJ/MC at private events gives me an advantage. Not only will you get a unique and customized promotion but, I guarantee to bring the FUN! Great music, an engaged crowd and a personalized, incredible event.

My trivia and music bingo events are not just some guy playing  boring music and reading from a well read script. Let me create your next incredible promotion or event.

561-880-5416 or Contact me here

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Amazing DJs

What makes me such a great DJ?

What makes me such a great DJ?

· Years of experience. I’ve been doing this a long time. Have worked in many bars, clubs and private events,

· Thousands of songs. My musical knowledge is ridiculous and I carry


· Can read the crowd and know exactly what direction to take the music.

· Excellent MC/Mic skills. Some DJs don’t like to talk.  I know when and

when not to use the mic. Sometimes working the mic properly really enhances the experience.

· Mature, always on time and extremely professional.

· My performances are more like a show. From the latest hits to classic dance and the top party tunes. Something for everyone. An interactive experience with your guests.

They will sing. They will shout. They will have so much FUN!

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