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It happened by accident. I wasn't supposed to be in this business. I'm Adrian. Born and raised in NYC. I was playing drums and acting with some moderate success during my early years. But, I needed a job. So I started driving trucks and setting up party rentals, casino and decor for one of NYC's largest event planners. I had never even been to a Bar-Mitzvah. I was just a kid. But WOW! What I saw and learned in just a few short months. Incredible. I was all in.

I'm also a Florida Notary Public. Commission # HH-055832

My Story

I had already started to learn to DJ but I wasn't ready to get out and get booked. So I totally immersed myself with my mentor and his clients. One job was bigger than the other. Clients started requesting me on their Mitzvahs, corporate event and parties. We did it all. Custom decoration, casinos, carnival, dance floors, lighting and sound. His clients knew when we were on the job, the attention to detail and personalized service was guaranteed. Years later I told him he had "Miyagied" me. I was a sponge and had found my calling. I just love the private entertainment and event planning world.

I did eventually leave him to start my own company. First starting as a DJ/MC company. Within a few short years my guys and I were booked all the time. Then I started applying what I learned. Event planning. If the client needed something, I found a way to deliver. Event design, coordination, booking talent and performers.

Some clients wanted me to just help them put it all together. I think having someone with experience of what to do and what not to do is really important. I've never been afraid to tell a client no if it's not a great fit or doesn't really work for them. Another thing a seasoned event professional like me offers is, event knowledge. Sometimes, clients have started talking to vendors who are pushing something or in some cases not offering something I know the client needs. That's why, I spend so much time asking questions and getting to know my clients. Every private event is unique and different. I take the approach, Let's make it totally you. 

So after years of building a successful company with loyal clients, I needed a change. In 2009 I moved to South Florida. Yes, at first re-branding and establishing yourself had it's challenges. But, here I am years later and right back where I was in New York. An incredible team of DJs, MCs, photo booth operators and an event design team second to none. Plus, I get to do what I love helping my clients plan the perfect event. So. How can I help you plan the most amazing event? Tap into my over 30 years of experience and knowledge and together let's create a once in a lifetime celebration. CHEERS!


Are you ready for an adventure? That's what the coming months will be planning your amazing event. Enjoy it. It's all about creating magical memories.


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