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The Bar Mitzvah or Bat Mitzvah is a very important day in a young Jewish person’s life, and we would be honored to be part of your family’s event. Whether you want an elaborate high-end production or a more traditional low-key affair, ET Events can provide the right mix of talent, music, and activities tailored to appeal to you, your child, and every guest.

Our talented team members have been trained to entertain through interaction – rather than performance – keeping the focus of the party where it belongs: on the guest of honor, not us! We know how to create the perfect mix of music, games, and dancing to please all generations at a Bar Mitzvah or Bat Mitzvah. We will customize every event to your specifications and make your party dreams come true!

                         We do it your way

Customized event planner and music selections. We let you go even further into customizing your event by giving options such as:

  • Creating a request list that's all you.

  • Select specific genres

  • Avoid particular songs or artists

  • Song selections for special moments

  • Custom entertainment and décor

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DJ Packages: Packages

LED dance stages

Lighting Design

Optional upgrades


A great way to add a signature touch to your event is with our various projection packages. Whether you would like to project your event’s name/date, or project patterns that will complement the theme of your event; we have a wide selection of options to do just that.

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Using our various audio visual packages and options, we can play and project your video presentations, music videos, visual effects – you name it! A popular addition is our slide show option. We are always happy to help you put something together for any type of presentation, or add it as a part of the DJ experience.

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Fun with our Co2 Canons &
Dancing On A Cloud with Dry Ice
Wow the guests with our new C0-2 cannon blast. Schock and awe. Or, dance on the clouds. Our dry ice machine creates a flume of floor hugging clouds.
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Step and repeat photo ops

Dancing Drums Video Booth

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